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"I think we can do better. I'm not even sure how to describe a company that is consistently "at the top" of its game.

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Achieving Corporate Excellence

Corporate excellence is not something solid that you can see and touch.

It is the sum of the ways that managers and employees think of the company and of themselves. It is also the cumulative total of the messages you send to your employees and to the community in which you operate. It is a reflection of your corporate vision.  It should be a source of personal pride for you and your employees.

When you have it --- It’s a Dream!

  • You anticipate change rather than merely react to it.
  • You set the industry standard rather than follow it.
  • Your customers act like allies.
  • Communication failure is a rarity.
  • Your workers recognize that management is a skill and request training and experience.
  • Decisions are made at the most appropriate level.
  • Managers think and act like entrepreneurs, not like bureaucrats.
  • You attract top performers and retain them longer.
  • Results are valued over activity.
  • Team spirit is obvious among all employees.

When you don't have it --- It's a Nightmare!

  • You always seem to be playing "catch up" with your competition.
  • There is a sense of being a follower rather than an industry leader.
  • Communication foul-ups are commonplace.
  • Your customers act like enemies.
  • Most new managers are hired from the "outside".
  • Decisions are not consistently made on a timely basis.
  • There is too much management "empire-building".
  • Too many of your best people are leaving.
  • You get more excuses than achievements.
  • Work teams seem to compete with each other.

Lest you think I have just described a pipedream --- believe me, corporate excellence is not a fantasy. Like most things worth achieving, it takes energy, resources and resolve on managements part.

It is difficult:

  • Many people fear change.
  • They have already adapted to the current system.
  • Inertia is difficult to overcome.
  • It seems easier to "put out fires" than to prevent them.
  • Incompetence frustrate your top people.

It is not impossible:

Employees consistently prefer excellence to mediocrity. There is a natural movement toward organizational health with even the most minimal encouragement. Workers respond well to consistent positive leadership. They want to take pride in their company.

Excellence: An Achievable Goal

There are competent consultants, who are especially trained to help you achieve corporate excellence. Using methods proven in large and small corporations throughout the world, they work with you to design and implement a comprehensive program to bring about the changes that you desire. The consultation continues until the job is successfully finished. They bring the knowledge, skills, values and experience to the effort.

You provide the commitment

If you want to develop excellence in YOUR company...

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